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Neglecting to clean your roof's gutters can lead to all sorts of problems that can easily go unnoticed. 


Things such as:


- Gutter corrosion

- Dirty water tanks

- Damaged eaves

- Shortened gutter life

- Nests creating blockages

- Leaking roofs


Just because you don't see it happening, doesnt mean it isnt.




Peninsula Window Cleaning is certified and insured to work at heights. We know how to work safely and thoroughly to ensure a job well done.


We can also install premium gutter guard systems. With proper maintanance these can increase the life expectancy of your gutter system. 

Gutter cleaning can be dangerous when performed by someone without the expertise. Don't risk it... call us to arrange a free quote




Gutter cleaning on the Mornington Peninsula should be done regularly to ensure build up does not occur in your gutters. Don't wait until water is pouring out of the gutter system because damage could already have occured. It can cause structural problems like rot to trusses and damaged eaves among other things. 

We recommend a regular cleaning schedule. Discounts apply for regular customers. Feel free to ask us about this!